TEDxSouthampton 2016 – Self & Society

The TEDxSouthampton volunteers 2014

You may have heard of the world famous TED talks, and watched a few online, but did you know that you can watch them live in Southampton? Since 2013, annual TEDx events have been taking place in different venues across the city. The first TEDxSouthamptonUniversity explored issues related to sustainability. The theme in 2014 was ‘Flourishing in the 21st Century’ and the focus in 2015 was ‘Right here, right now: Making sense of self and society’.

TEDxSouthampton on 5th November 2016 built on this success and looked deeper into the issue of ‘Self and society’. Fourteen speakers explored notions of self, how we relate to one another, how our industrial societies work and how they could be made to work better now and in the future. This sell out event was curated and hosted by James Dyke, and produced by Rebecca Kinge and Kate Maple. The Southampton Collective is proud to be a partner of TEDxSouthampton.

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Videos of each of the 2016 speakers can be found here

TEDx2016 speakers


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