Riverfest 2017

Wordle - Riverfest 4The Southampton Collective was proud to support Riverfest 2017, a new community festival which took place in Riverside Park on 27th May. The aim was to bring together the different communities along the Itchen to celebrate their river, through music, the arts, science, history and a love of green spaces.

Riverfest was made possible through a grant from The Big Lottery Fund under its  hi_big_e_lrg_blue-2‘Celebrate’ banner. The festival organisers Catherine Wright and Mandi Bissett worked with The Southampton Collective to secure this funding and were awarded the fantastic sum of £8,761! The collective administered these funds and provided event support. The Directors also contributed to the festival through projects they are already running in the city, such as October Books, Creative Places, Unity Arts and Climate Conversations.

Riverfest 2017 was an exciting addition to the cultural life of Southampton and fits with many aims of The Southampton Collective, such as:
– making a vibrant city,
– supporting local arts,
– protection of natural resources,
– creating a liveable and sustainable city
– community cohesion.

The collective would also be able to support future grant applications, for example to develop a legacy project for the festival, or to assist Riverfest in becoming an annual event and focal point of the year for the community. If you’d like to read more about the green elements of Riverfest, click here.

We hope you had a great time messing about by the river in May!
Riverfest - pic1

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