Clean Air and Climate Action


Working towards a sustainable city and liveable neighbourhoods is a key feature of our work. We actively support projects focusing on both climate action and clean air in Southampton.

Solent Air Watch is developing low-cost air pollution sensors to enable us all to monitor the quality of the air we breathe. Southampton is one of the most polluted cities in the UK but the sources of pollution and its health effects are still not widely understood. This citizen science project hopes to raise awareness of dirty air and stimulate action by individuals and organisations across the city.

We believe that Solent Air Watch has the potential to become a clean air revolution, motivating real change by making air quality visual and more personal.

Climate Conversations is a Southampton-based network of people who want to discuss global and local environmental change and respond through positive action. On November 16th there will be a screening of The Race Is On, a documentary showing how the UK could be transformed into an ultra-low carbon society that is fit for our children’s future. It will showcase innovative solutions and features contributions from world leading experts on the science, policy, economics and community aspects of climate change. This film is intended to generate urgent discussions on how we can act to avoid disaster.

This follows on from last year’s screening of the Naomi Klein documentary This Changes Everything. A key idea that came out of the event is that we need to be engaging with people outside of the green movement, perhaps by reframing the climate change debate. Air quality and fuel poverty are serious issues for our city, especially in areas with high social and economic deprivation. In addition, the team has been working with the cultural side of the city to create works of art relating to sustainability.


The header image is courtesy of the Münster Press Office, Germany and shows the amount of road space taken up by different modes of transport – bikes, cars and buses. The original image  and other versions can be found here:

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