TEDxSouthampton 2018 – Growth


In May this year, the Nuffield City Theatre was the venue for for TEDxSouthampton 2018. It was a whole day event featuring creative and challenging ideas around the theme of ‘Growth’, such as:

How can we grow inclusive communities? | What has driven the growth of human societies and perhaps even our species? | How did a single number come to dominate political discussions about growth? | What happens to us at the end of our lives? | How is cutting edge technology helping some of the poorest communities to thrive?

The 12 inspiring talks from the event, from speakers such as Deb Wilkes, Nazneen Ahmed, Claudia Murg and the Southampton Ukulele Jam, are now available to view online:

The canvas artwork was created by Kev Munday during the event, in response to conversations about the TEDx talks.

The Southampton Collective is proud to support TEDxSouthampton.

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