Creating spaces to breathe

Artwork by Mandy Smith –

Last summer, the Southampton Collective was awarded funding to run a clean air project in Southampton through Nesta’s Connected Communities Innovation Fund. Since then we have refocused the idea from a city-wide project to working with residents in one neighbourhood – St Denys. This new project is called Breathing Spaces because we want to support people in developing places in their community which allow for cleaner air and improved health & wellbeing.

We are also excited to be partnering with both of the local Universities on this project – the University of Southampton is providing air quality sensors and Solent University is working on visualisations of the air quality data. We want to use this data to develop a robust evidence base to present to policymakers and also explore how it can support community action plans for clean air.

We will developing the mapping project that we started last year to collect people’s ideas for change and perceptions on air pollution, both in St Denys and across Southampton. If you’d like to get involved, please email We’d love to hear from you!

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