Southampton Art in Health Forum

Southampton Art in Health Forum
3rd Feb 2020 – 10am til lunch
at Gods House Tower SO14 2NY

We’re teaming up with the CHAOS network on 3rd February. CHAOS is a network for creative, heritage and arts organisations of Southampton. The gathering starts at 10am with a general CHAOS meeting, and then we’ll focus on health from 11.30am. Feel free to stay for lunch and health conversation with us at the GHT café afterwards.

We’ll chat about the month of May which will be all about creativity and health. Read our blog for news of creative health festival and opportunities . Maybe you want to put on an event during this week?

We’re delighted that Dead Good Days is back! A series of events in May for anyone who might, one day, die. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room and use arts and creativity to get people thinking, talking and exploring the inevitable. Deb Wilkes will be at our meeting, so you can find out more if you are interested in getting involved.
Are you involved in an arts of creativity project that has a health and wellbeing benefit? We’re really keen to make sure that everyone’s projects are registered on the Arts4Health website. Lesley Easton, who has been running this website since it launched, has changed roles so is less involved. A massive THANK YOU to Lesley who has been an inspiration to us all.

We all recognise the health benefits of a whole range of arts and creative activity. Don’t forget to get in contact with SO:Linked, the new community service that helps people find local activities that can improve health and wellbeing.

We are also collating a list of local people who are qualified health therapists and professionals, including those with an arts/music/dance therapy qualification. Please shout if this is you!MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS
The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation has a number of grant schemes, including Dayas Music Scholarships, which give support to adults for music tuition, with community benefit being a focus. Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from this and then do a performance at a health-themed community event?

We are working on securing some funding to keep the Southampton Art and Health Forum going. If you have thoughts on how we can bring in some resources so we can run it as well as possible, please shout! We’re keen that the thoughts and ideas shared in 2019 influence the direction of the forum. We just need a little more support to make sure the forum reaches its potential.
If you want to get in contact about the Southampton Art in Health Forum, please give us a shout! Rebecca 07968 777261

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