Health Model Village goes out and about

Our Health Model Village is a portable map, like a big jigsaw, that we take along to community and city events. It is an evolving 3D model, which we use as a focus for conversation, encouraging people to add to it in a number of different ways.

Join us at SO:Linked Community Conversations event during the day in Lordshill Library on Sat 29th February 2020 10.30am-12.30pm (not 1 Feb as previously advertised). There will be more events like this in other parts of the city throughout Spring 2020.

With the Health Model Village, we aim to get:

  • CONNECTING AND SHARING: To get people talking and sharing knowledge about health in the city: the positives and the challenges.
  • SIGNPOSTING: Signposting people to health support around the city, including services, informal community support and places that can help people manage and cope with their health conditions and challenges.
  • WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE FUTURE: Exploring issues and learning from each other. Gathering feedback on city and health issues, encouraging community involvement with the ultimate hope that people’s health needs are at the heart of Southampton’s strategic and local decision-making.
  • MORE THAN A MEETING: To make involvement in the Health Model Village a positive experience. To give people the chance to get involved in these conversations if they wish through community model making and other creative means, and enabling people of all backgrounds and ages to get involved.
Health Model Village at Zoielogic’s Headfunk on 9th Oct 2019, an event which shone a light on mental health

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