The “Mush”Room – a pop-up space where we re-imagine our place

Date and time: 20th October at 7pm

What: What are you going to do this winter to make sure you stay healthy?

Where: Zoom event online with a Portswood community focus

Image: Allison Christine/unsplash

Come and join this community-led conversation about what we can all do this winter to ensure we stay healthy of mind and body. With a focus on the local area of Portswood, October Books will host conversations about the events of the year and how they have impacted our lives. The hosting team will provide a place for you to share resources and ideas about staying healthy this winter and find out how we can work together to help each other through this time of immense change and uncertainty.

This is the first event, in what we hope to be a series of events that support local communities around Southampton. The overall premise of The “Mush”Room is a Southampton based community space (online or real) where we support community action in answer to the question ‘what happens next?’, as we continue to cope with the outfall of this first acute global crisis. With a distinct focus on ‘our place’ (both physical and personal) the “Mush” of The “Mush”Room is a Southampton colloquialism for ‘mate’. The “Mush”Room is also about the common threads that connect us and that have been ever more obvious during the Covid19 crisis, the mycelium that are unseen but provide an amazing network of community.

The project is a collaboration of three Southampton community-focused organisations, The Southampton Collective, October Books our independent community bookshop on the High Street in Portswood and SO:Linked, a local network providing advice, support and signposting to Southampton communities and bringing local organisations and residents together through SO:Link networks across the city. Transition Southampton are also supporting the project.

The Southampton Collective is building on its work with their extremely successful Nesta-funded Breathing Spaces project, in which the St Denys community participated in the development of plans to combat air pollution in their locality. A series of Clean Air Cafés was used to harvest the community’s ideas and opinions and it is the tools and processes that were used in these café’s that are being practised in The “Mush”Room events and activities.

It is hoped that these initial meetings for Portswood/St Denys/Highfield will provide others in the city with the tools to grow the idea in other. So, if you are thinking of doing something like this in your local area please do drop us a line and we will provide details of the resources and tools we are using, so that you can set up your own event:

Header image: Priscilla du Preez/Unsplash

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