We get involved in community projects and events with a focus on a healthier, more sustainable city. We’re all about community connections and how we can work together in creative ways. These are some of the projects we are involved with:

Breathing Spaces is our 2019 pilot exploring community responses to air quality issues in St Denys Southampton. We are currently evaluating the impact of this project, so watch out for next steps. More info here.

People sharing ideas at a Clean Air Cafe

We do work to promote a Sustainable Southampton. In partnership with Transition Southampton, we developed the refresh of the Southampton Sustainability Directory. We appear in the film by Paul Maple and James Dyke The Race Is On talking about the importance of community activity. In 2019, we arranged a film screening with a community conversation afterwards to showcase sustainability community activity in the local area.

We are excited that we are part of a team working towards a People’s Assembly on Climate Change in Southampton in 2020. Sign up for updates on progress on this, and other projects.

We are interested in getting people talking about the connections between our environment and health. In 2019, we teamed up with Healthwatch Southampton and My Journey Southampton to arrange a health tour of Southampton, exploring active travel and air pollution issues.

We coordinate the Southampton Art in Health Forum, alongside our colleagues at SoCo Music Project. For more information on arts and health activity in the area, see or check out our health blogs for updates on activities and projects. If you are interested in the connections between art and health, you can join the mailing list and come along to our gatherings. Events include Umbrella Arts Festival March 2019:

We are developing the Southampton Health Model Village, a community resource which we take to events to get people sharing ideas for a healthier Southampton. More info in our health blogs.

We run events on a range of subjects around a healthier and more sustainable city. In May 2020, we will be part of the Dead Good Days team, a series of events about Death and Dying. We were involved in organising TEDx Southampton in 2016 and 2018. All of these talks, many of which are by inspiring Southampton people, are available on You Tube.

We have been behind the setting up two Facebook groups which are all about people sharing their thoughts on important issues. Anyone can join them:

  • Southampton Climate Conversations allows people to chat about climate change and associated issues like air pollution. It’s a good place to find out about climate change themed events and local initiatives.
  • Southampton City Vision is a group for people who want to know about the city’s Local Plan and share their thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes we have a Cuppa Social, which is an informal chance to get together for a chat with no agenda. Just an opportunity to meet others who care about Southampton’s community and the city as a whole.

In the past, we’ve run events for International Women’s Day. No current plans to do this because others are doing fantastic work in this area.

If you’d like to do something positive and community-focused with us, please get in touch.